​Achieve Online is an online educational program giving students from middle through high school a free online curriculum specifically designed to provide them with skills relevant to the 21st century.
Our Web-based curriculum provides an abundance of activities and courses in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies that are fun, interactive, and directly aligned to the National and Colorado Education State Standards. Students follow the D11 pacing guides. We offer all the courses listed in the District 11 course catalogue as well.
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We are constantly growing and trying to accommodate new technologies and practices into our school. Many new features and classes are currently in development and we cannot wait to see them come into being.
Online education encourages students to work at their own pace, free from the fluorescent confines of traditional brick-and-mortal schools. Certified teachers are available via telephone, email, and Web chat to offer assistance, understanding, and additional activities designed to help your student reach their potential. As a part of Colorado Springs School District 11, a district determinedly focused on 21st century developments and learning, you can be sure your student is receiving the strongest possible education. Graduating students will also receive a District 11 diploma.
Our Achieve Online high school curriculum uses a  a quarter-based block schedule system. 
·         A minimum of 3 periods will be required for full time enrollment
·         Credits will be posted at the end of the block (Quarters 1,2,3,4)
·         As a result of the shortened time frames for earning credits, a minimum of 80 hours of work is required for each credit earned.
·         This requirement is necessary to maintain the integrity of District 11 credits for acceptance at other high schools and colleges.
Achieve Online ensures your student is prepared for the 21st century, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and non-traditional methods to reach solutions. A variety of technological tools are utilized to keep up with our fast moving, immediate world.
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What's the difference between homeschooling and Achieve Online?

With homeschooling, the parent is normally the primary teacher. Homeschool families must provide all instructional materials, curriculum, and resources.

Fully trained and certified teachers provide the instruction in the AchieveOnline. As in any usual brick-and-mortar school, the student, parent, and teacher work collaboratively to ensure the student receives the highest quality education. While most often the students' place of study will be in their home, our program offers a tutoring center for students to work with their peers and directly with their teachers; we offer a flexibility to learn in a location to suit your lifestyle and personal preference. Additionally, Achieve Online is fully accredited with the state of Colorado and provides all records, transcripts, diplomas, and support.

Does the student receive all of his/her instruction on the computer?

Yes. However, at the same time, we do offered a blended curriculum that incorporates textbooks, printed resources, hands-on activities, and manipulatives, as well as the wealth of resources available on the Internet. We believe that using a wide variety of different materials and resources will provide your student with a education well suited for 21st century learning.

Do you have real teachers?

Yes! The teachers at Achieve Online are highly qualified professionals, fully certified with the Colorado Department of Education, possessing an advanced degree and having extensive experience in the classroom. They regularly undergo Webinar training, attend online classes, and participate in various lectures to make sure they are prepared and knowledgable about the technological demands of online education.

Do you need to own a computer to be enrolled in Achieve Online?

Yes. Since Achieve Online in an Internet-based school, you will need constant access to a computer and the Internet to access your work.

If my student is ill or cannot login on a given day, is it possible to excuse their absence?

One of the benefits of Achieve K12 is that you can work your school work around appointments, engagements, and such. However, in the event that your student is not able to log in at all during a given day, the parent must call in to excuse the absence. Written emails of any kind are not accepted; the parent must call in. Please contact your teacher for their specific policies.

Does it cost anything to attend Achieve Online?

No. Achieve Onlineis a part of Colorado Springs School District 11 and requires no tuition for students living in Colorado.

What grades are offered by Achieve Online?

Currently, we offer curriculum for 6th through 12th grade.

What subjects are offered by Achieve Online?

Our engaging Web based curriculum includes core courses in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies as well as enrichment opportunities in Art, Music, and Physical Education. We offer anything from the District 11 course catalogue.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional material?

Our instruction is almost entirely online and we have access to e-versions of various textbooks and materials. However, if your student needs a book or a teacher assigns any outside activities, we will provide you with those materials.
Is my child able to work at his/her own pace?
While the Achieve Online curriculum is designed to be more flexible, our teachers do monitor the amount of work your student does on a daily basis to ensure your student achieves a year’s academic growth in a year’s time.
How do students interact socially?
Achieve Online proudly offers a tutoring center where students are invited to come in and speak with their teachers and contemporaries. Online, we utilize discussion forums and responsive comments.
Up till now, I have been homeschooling; how does Achieve Online determine which grade level they will place my child upon enrollment?
While age is a primary factor in determining the placement level, Achieve Online staff use a variety of diagnostic assessments to determine each child's individual needs and to develop a personalized learning program.
Does Achieve Online provide for special needs children?
Depending on a student’s IEP or 504, we can tailor our curriculum to meet your student’s needs. To discuss any circumstances please call or e-mail us.
Does Achieve Online provide any training or technology support for parents?
Throughout the year Achieve Online offers training seminars for our parents. Parents are also welcome to attend mentoring sessions with their child at the learning center. Achieve Online's curriculum is designed to be easy to use for parents who are working with their children.
If I am not a part of Colorado Springs School District 11, is it still possible for me to enroll?
Yes. Achieve Online gladly accepts any student from out of district or even out of city. We are open to all eligible Colorado residents.
What sets Achieve Online apart from other online schools?
Among other aspects, Achieve Online education is conducted by certified teachers through Colorado Springs District 11, so you know your student is being instructed by professionals, rather than through some faceless corporation. We are also one of the few online schools to realize the benefit of hosting a tutoring center, for face-to-face communication and assistance. Likewise, Achieve Online is the only online school to offer curriculum and instruction in Music, Art, and Physical Education. There is a low student-to-teacher ratio, and students graduating from Achieve Online will receive a District 11 diploma, as opposed to an equivalent diploma offered from other online schools.
If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
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